Our Story

Some may call it “bragging” while others may call it “celebrating,” but there’s one thing all travelers have in common: we love showing off our travels!

First and foremost,

We are travelers like you!

While searching for the best push pin travel map worthy of showcasing our travel memories, we ran into the same problem you have likely experienced.

Between the outrageously high prices, the shockingly low quality options, and excessively long processing times, it was impossible to find a travel tracker map that checked all the boxes. 

We are problem-solvers at heart, so we decided that if no one else was going to make the perfect affordable travel map, it would have to be us.

With over 10 years of experience in creating premium stretched canvas products, we have designed exceptional maps that you are sure to love, available at a great price. 

The highest quality maps at the lowest prices.

While other map companies charge an arm and a leg (or, as we think of it, a flight and a hotel fee) for maps printed on cheap canvas and wrapped around cheap foam board, we chose to take the road less traveled.

This means we use only the best canvas, state-of-the-art printing technology, and the sturdiest domestic wood frames and eco-friendly pin boards to create the best push pin travel tracker maps at an unbeatable price. 

Just promise us one thing: you will use the money you save on your map to do something amazing on your next trip! :)

Why Choose Us?

We Make No Compromises

When we set out to create the best push pin travel maps at the most incredible prices, we knew that compromising on quality was not an option. 

So what makes our push pin maps better than the rest?

It’s the difference between a cheap laminated poster and our premium stretched canvas print. Between a foam pin backing and our eco-friendly wood fiber pin board. Between a mass-produced trinket and our finely crafted masterpieces.

And We Leverage The Best

  • Constructed with North American Poplar wood
  • Eco-friendly recycled wood fiber pin board
  • Premium stretched canvas
  • Vibrant, scent-free water-based inks
  • Simple personalization process
  • Lovingly made in the USA

Now that you know what we're about,

Let's go pick out your map!

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